iSOBER400 iSOBER400 is specialized design for evidential use in traffic road by police.
With the most advanced technologies like GPS, touch screen, wireless printing and self-checking system, iSOBER400 is one of the most accurate and suitable breathalyzer for enforcement operations.

- PC connectable

Date, time, operation mode,
Test result, Photo

- Passive & Manual testing

- Multi language supports

- Calibration interval :

every 12 months or 1,000 times
*Changeable in Setting mode

- Mouthpiece ejector system

Sanitary way of used mouthpiece removal

- GPS capability

Tracking a place of testing

- Self-testing (Blank Air test)

For the flawless test

- Touch screen & Keypad

Ergonomic design
for an easier data input

- Colorful graphic display

Easy to use,
uncomplicated and clear
Indication of B.A.C
0.000 to 0.500%BAC by TFT LCD Touch Screen
Warm up time
5 seconds~2 minutes
Response time
within 10 seconds at 0.100%BAC
Provided Individual packed mouthpiece
Power supply
1.5V AA Alkaline× 4
or 1.2V Chargeable Nickels-hydride battery X 4
14 oz (Including batteries)
9.7(H) X 3.9(W) X 1.6(T)
Temperature conditions
Operation  14°F to 104°F /  Storage -14°F to 160°F
Data connecting
USB Interface, RS232C, Bluetooth v2.0 Classic
Internal Max. 30,000 tests