iSOBER30 Stands out with the highest quality workmanship, elegant design and improved software.
Innovative software has provided useful functions such as time information that has passed since the last measurement or indicating the number of days remaining for calibration.
A very useful functionality is also the memorizing of the last ten measurements made by the user.
Key features

- Memorize last 10 test results

- Active & Passive mode

- Counting 3 types of test numbers

1. since calibration 2. Alcohol positive 3. Device total

- Calibration interval :

every 12 months

- Calibration alarm :

based on days / test counts

- Automatic grace period change

along with cumulation of average alcohol level

what is "Grace period" of Breathalyzer?

Extra days after calibration required date

Indication of B.A.C
0.000 to 0.400%BAC by FND (segment type) Display
Warm up time
3 seconds~4 minutes
Response time
within 10 seconds at 0.100%BAC
Provided Individual packed mouthpiece
Power supply
Two 1.5V “AAA” Alkaline batteries
2.33 oz (Including batteries)
3.94(H) X 1.73(W) X 0.59(T)
Temperature conditions
Operation  41°F to 104°F /  Storage 32°F to 122°F